October Crochet – Day 11, More Nautilus Shawl


Jelly Bean!

It’s Jelly Bean’s turn to model!

This is a real quick post. I got another couple rounds done on the Nautilus shawl today. I ran into a knot in the yarn and had to figure out how to join this kind of yarn. I’m slowly spiraling my way back around to the join, so we’ll see tomorrow how well I did.

Jelly Bean is our Halloween cat and danged if she doesn’t look like a Sears Portrait Studio model in this photo. She’s a mix of grey and orange tabby, a coloration that’s called a torbie or patched tabby because her colors switch back and forth like a calico’s patches. I love how her little orange mask just fades into browngirl  and then grey and black stripes.

I’ve got a lot going on with Girl Scouts this week and next, and I’m going to be very busy preparing for our troop’s Murder Mystery Party. Last year, the girls killed me. This year, we’re killing the Hubster. Fun times.

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