Creature Comforts – Day 05, Preparing for Something Fleecy


Fleece bean bags

Are you blind yet?

So, I made some bean bags today…

No, they’re not for the Creature Comforts theme. They’re for the local Girl Scout cookie rally coming up on Friday. My troop is running a couple stations, and one will have a bean bag game, so I made these. And what does any of that have to do with the Creature Comforts project?

First, Girl Scout cookie season pretty much eats up my life for three months every year. I’m trying to avoid letting that happen this year by being a little more organized and by making my personal work (as opposed to my volunteer work) more of a priority.

Second, I needed to practice sewing with fleece for the next Creature Comforts project. Hancock Fabrics had fleece on sale last week, and I bought a bunch of remnants, along with some heavy duty sewing needlesand other items, to make something I desperately want but haven’t had time to work on. Something that’s just for me, and that I know will be nice and cozy during the frigid months of Girl Scout cookie season.

Third, I did spend today doing a supply run to get all that I needed for making the next project, and I think that counts as work on the Creature Comforts theme.

Fourth, I have been told by at least three people today that these are the nicest, comfiest bean bags they’ve ever seen.  So I made not have made them for the Creature Comforst theme exactly, but they do fit in. Sort of.

I’ll be cutting fabric and sewing tomorrow and should have a shot of the project in progress soon. For now, sweet tight and dream of bean bags.

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