Creature Comforts – Day 04, Zombie Kitty Cup Cozy finished!


Zombie Kitty Cup Cozy!

This’ll put a little “MEOW!” in your mocha!

Ta-daaaa! I had fun adding the final details to this baby! The brains are a pom-pom yarn that I crocheted to the edge of the cozy. They have a nice fluffy look that reminds me of an actual brain (yes, I think brains are fluffy). But the brains by themselves didn’t quite work for me, so I added the blood and that did the trick! Take a closer look at it!


Lovely fluffy zombie kitty brains!

I made up this cup cozy on the fly, so there are a few things I would change for the next version. I would like to make it a bit longer, to give me more room to add the features, and I think the mouth would work better as an oval shape rather than the rounded triangle I came up with. But over all, I’m very happy with this!

Tomorrow, I plan to start a new project for the Creature Comforts theme.  For now, enjoy this cuddly zombie kitty cozy!

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