Evil Dreams – The Never-Ending Marathon of DOOOOOOOM!

I had a dream last night that I was visiting my aunt in Pennsylvania, but I had to leave because my Girl Scout troop was about to run a marathon all the way back to Virginia. The marathon began in my aunt’s drive way, and the girls had already started running, so I had to race out the door to keep up. We were running up and down in this really hilly neighborhood. I was following the last, youngest girl in the troop when I started to fall behind. She turned a corner and disappeared. When I got there, the road went in two directions, and I saw people running one way, so I followed them, thinking they must be part of the marathon. But the further I ran after these people, the stranger the surroundings got. We left my aunt’s nice suburban neighborhood and entered into a sort of post-apocalyptic landscape that looked like a cross between Mad Max and a camping trip in the Grand Canyon. By that point, I could see that the people running ahead of me weren’t Girl Scouts but senior citizens, which was probably the only reason why I could keep up with them. I realized it was getting colder too, which had to mean we were running north, which was away from Virginia and not towards it. It was getting darker too. As evening fell, the senior citizens arrived at an abandoned recreation center where someone was hosting a holiday party/rest-stop for them. I stumbled in after them, only to be told that I wasn’t allowed to be there. I tried to argue with the hostess, a stern-looking woman in horn-rimmed glasses who looked like a nurse my mom used to work with. If she would just let me use the phone to call my aunt, I knew I’d be okay. But the hostess refused to let me stay and I couldn’t find a phone. I tried stealing a glass of punch and some of the food from the buffet that had been set up, but I think I got caught and was kicked out. I’m not entirely certain though, because at that point, the cats started meowing and they woke me up.

Yes, this is an actual dream I had last night. I have dreams like this every night, and many are even weirder and more detailed than this one. I figured if I shared them here on the blog, you all might get a laugh out of them, or demand I seek psychiatric help. Or both.

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