ACW Episode 252 – She’s a STAR!!


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Pixie sure does love her pop music! But I can’t help but cringe when I listen to the actual lyrics of the songs she’s trying to imitate. The kid is 8 years old! She doesn’t need to go BOOM BOOM and bring booty back at her age!

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  1. Haha when I first saw this comic last week I didn’t recognize any of the lyrics, but after spending the weekend driving through VA and NC and finding nothing on the radio except country and current pop, I swear I heard each of those songs at least six times and they are stuck in my headddd.

  2. DDog,

    I hear those songs non-stop these days. The kids have their own radios. Somehow, they have managed to find 2 different stations that play the same music, just not at the same time, so I’ll often hear 2 ear worms at once. The effect is nauseating 😛

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