ACW Episode 251 – Rescue me!


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This was part of the Girl Scouts small watercraft test I had to take. After flipping the boat, I had to get back into it. Without anyone pulling me in. Which is actually quite hard. Especially since those flotation vests don’t bend. Do you know how hard it is to get back into a canoe when you can’t bend at the waist? I ended up going over sideways, across the part of my torso that wasn’t covered by the vest, and that’s how I cracked a rib. Fun!

I’ve scheduled more time to draw webcomics, so hopefully I’ll start to get them drawn and posted more regularly. The webcomics have gotten more complicated to draw, as I’ve mentioned. This is because I’m trying to draw more detailed backgrounds and do more technically challenging things (like drawing canoes in perspective). I think it’s been worth the effort to push myself to do these things, but it does take more time. Hopefully, I will get faster at this, and I will definitely be spending more time in the mornings drawing webcomics before I do anything else.

Anyhoo, have fun! Now that I’ve got this posted, I’m going to put down my Wacom stylus and head out to the gym! See ya!

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