ACW Episode 199 – Princess has a problem

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Right after Princess decided to be a goth, she raided her closet and mine for outfits. Kiddo actually managed to come up with two complete outfits, enough to get her through the weekend. Then the trouble started.

First off, I am considerably bigger than Princess, so a lot of my clothes don't fit her. Second, I've been playing the stay-at-home mom role so long, my wardrobe has been reduced almost entirely to t-shirts and jeans. Now, I do have a fabulous t-shirt collection, but there are only so many shirts I'm willing to part with.

So, we are now working on Princess' wardrobe. I was able to buy some plain pink, gray, and black t-shirts at a local craft store. I found some small pieces of creepy, Halloween theme fabric. I've got a roll of lace, thread, and Heat-and-Bond. The plan is to make appliques for the t-shirts so Princess has something to wear when she plays. Fancier outfits will come later, when I have more time to shop for patterns and fabric and hit the thrift stores with her.

But now I'm also thinking I need to seriously upgrade my wardrobe too. Honestly, I love my jeans and t-shirts, but it does get a little old after a while.


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