PerCaDraMo for 11 November 2012 – Franken-Kitty

Lately, I've started blurring the lines between crafting and cartooning. More and more I see crochet and embroidery as ways of taking my weird little sketches and bringing them to a new sort of life. For instance, this sketch…

…became this amigurumi…

Please note, I didn't accomplish either the sketch or the amigurumi all today. The sketch was done two weeks ago when my oldest told me she wanted a Frankenstein kitty. I drew a quick thumbnail and showed it to her, then began working on the actual character in yarn. I finished off the head and legs last night (after many days of experimentation and unraveling) and did the rest of this little guy today. In fact, I just finished sewing on his arms thirty minutes ago.

He still needs more work. I need to figure out what to do for the neck bolts and then make him a little vest and add some more stitches. I'm contemplating stitching on a small felt heart, too. Once all that is done, then Franken-Kitty will be finished and Princess will run off with him and I'll never see him again, I expect. Not much escapes that kid's room once it enters.

I can't honestly say if today's entry qualifies for PerCaDraMo or not. It wasn't started today, and it wasn't completed today, but I put in a lot of work on this little guy today, and it's my personal challenge (thus the per in PerCaDraMo) so I'm adding it to the list.

Besides, he's a cutie. He deserves his fifteen minutes of fame on the internet. And I'm going to bed now. Good night!

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