And we’re back!

Migrating blogs is hard...

Yes, the website was all screwed up for about 24 hours, and I just about ripped out all my hair, but now it’s back up. At least I hope it is. If you’re reading this blog post, chances are good that we’re finally back to what loosely resembles normal around here.

Why the down time? Well, I needed to switch webhost providers this month. For years, I’ve been hosting this site on, but I’ve been getting more and more turned off by their advertising campaign, and I made the decision back in January, after seeing their Super Bowl ads, to move the website to a new web host as soon as I could afford it. Being the poor artist that I am, it took me a while to gather up the funds. It also took me a while to decide on a new host, and to gear myself up for what I knew would be a painful experience.

And it was painful. Boy howdy was it no fun the last 24 hours trying to get this site moved. I have only myself to blame in the end. I’ve not kept up with my website administrator skills, and I am going to fix that over the course of the next year or so. Ignorance is not bliss, and I prefer to be able to do my own tech support so I don’t have to drive other people crazy or go crazy waiting for them to email me back while we try to solve technical difficulties over a long distance.

I do have to say that the tech support for my new web host provider, Dreamhost, was very patient with me and they spent a lot of time helping me get the site back up and running. Hopefully, they won’t mind helping me move the site as well.

Anyhoo, we are back. Or I think we are. I’ll know for certain as soon as I publish this post. Which should be right… about… now!

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