Rats! Episode 95 – What is this thing you call “Break?”


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Does this still happen? Do professors still assign projects and papers that are due the day after you get back from Spring Break? I remember that made my life pretty miserable at times. I could never figure out why they did that. Even when I worked in the corporate world, I never had anybody hand me an assignment right before a major holiday with a deadline that occurred the day after said holiday was over.

By the way, as of yesterday, the Hubster and I have been married 19 years. We met at Virginia Tech during our junior year, and it’s been “Wuv, twue wuv” ever since.

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  1. Did ya’ll go out and kill another dining establishment this year? 😉
    Congrats on the 19!!!

  2. Dwight, hopefully not! We celebrated our anniversary at my aunt’s house this year. I do NOT want to see her house go under because we ate there for dinner that evening!

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