ACW Episode 163 – Early to Rise!


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I mentioned last week that I was making some changes to my schedule, namely getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to exercise so I have the entire day to work at my desk.  With the exception of one karate class on Thursday at noon, that was exactly what I did all week.  Heck, I even got out of bed early on Thursday morning to go run because I know I need the extra exercise.

As a result of my efforts to get up early, I got an incredible amount of work done last week; so much so that I plan to stick to this schedule.  There’s just one problem.

I am not a morning person.

I am, in that I can haul my ass out of bed and get moving at 5AM and enjoy the benefits of an early start all day long.  But I’m not in that I stumble around half-blind for the first hour or two, with half my brain still believing I’m back in bed, because what moron would possibly want to get out of bed that early to get in an ice-cold pool?!

The other problem, of course, is that if I get up at 5AM, by 5PM I’m done. I hit a wall of exhaustion that no amount of caffeine can defeat.  Somehow, I slog through. I have to. The Hubster often works late and he teaches karate classes a couple times a week. Someone has to feed the kids and make sure they get their homework done.

Hopefully, I’ll eventually get used to these new hours. I don’t plan to give them up now that I’ve had a taste of what a full work day is like.  I’ll have to adjust the schedule once school lets out, but I still plan to work out before the kids get up so I can spend the morning with them and have the afternoon free to work. I’ll let you know if that plan succeeds or not.

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