Flashback Friday! X-Toons


“X-Toons (Rough Draft)” by Helen E. H. Madden, date unknown

A long time ago, some time in between when I drew the “Rats!” comic strips for the Virginia Tech Collegiate Times and when I began drawing “The Adventures of Cynical Woman” webcomic, I did a very short series of comics called “The X-Toons.” Basically, it was comic fan art for the X-Files.  I drew them by hand and then colored them in Corel Photopaint. I uploaded them… somewhere online. I can’t recall where I might have posted them, or who I might have shared them with. This was before blogs were popular, and before the term “webcomics” even existed. I think I drew a grand total of five of these comics, and I’ve probably got them tucked away on a disk somewhere. I’m just not sure where.  The above sketch is an early rough draft for one of those comics. If I can find the final product, or any of the other X-Toons I did, I’ll post them here.

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