Rats! Episode 84 – Where Can a Rat Get a Date?


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Sorry for posting this late today. I am swamped right now with Girl Scout cookie stuff. Princess’ troop has done very well, selling over 2000 boxes. I told them if they reached that goal, they could pick my next hair color. They voted for all purple, and on Sunday they got it!


I know I look like hell in this photo. I’m at a Girl Scout leader’s meeting. I’ve had at least one Girl Scout event a week, many times two or more, since the first week of January. I’m a little tired by this point…

As for today’s cartoon, I don’t even know if Shultz Dining Hall exists anymore, but that was were a lot of freshman found dates when I was a cadet. It was the closest dining hall to our dorms, and the only one we were authorized to use without getting special permission. I had to get permission to eat at another dining hall my senior year because I had a late evening class on the other side of the campus, so the only way I could get to eat was if I went to another hall. I think I ate at Dietrick that year, but I can’t really recall. It was weird being the only cadet in the dining hall, I do remember that.

Anyway, I’ve got to rush back to work now. I’ve got client commissions waiting to be done and more cookie stuff to handle. Busy day! See you all later

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  1. You don’t quite look yourself, its true. Except for the purple!

  2. Thought that was a Peanuts reference. He had to ask Marcie.

  3. Shultz is still open, but not for long. It’s closing at the end of the semester, and there’s word that it may be open for Cadre and New Cadet Week next year, but it will become part of the new Arts Building being built at the start of classes. There is a new dining hall opening just off Upper Quad that will be replacing Shultz.

  4. Kat, no, not a Peanuts reference. A lot of guys actually did find dates at Shultz. I think they just went down the serving line in the dining hall asking each server, “Hey, you wanna go out?”

  5. Robbie, now I want to come visit the campus just so I can see how everything’s changed! Three of the four years I was at Virginia Tech, Squires Student Center was under reconstruction, so I never really got to enjoy that. Things change at that school all the dang time!

  6. Paul, I just got email from our area Girl Scout council. They’ve seen pictures of my hair and may be in touch with me to ask about why I dyed it for Girl Scout cookie sales! My life just keeps getting stranger 😉

  7. You guys had to eat at Shultz? Wow, I mean, wow. I never eat there. I get out of Batt eats, and my TC just doesn’t eat during Freshman eats. I don’t want to think about having to eat there for every meal.

  8. Although you can still get out of both eats with a class conflict, this is generally disapproved of higher up unless unless you have no other choice. Some companies expect you to find a way to go to eats (Leave in the middle of eats for class or come to Shultz Hall after class is over). Thankfully, outside of the one to two mandatory cadet dinners, cadets are free to go to any dining hall now.

  9. Josh,

    It amazes me how things have changed in the last 20 or so years. We ate at Shultz and nothing but, unless we got special permission to do otherwise! You guys are so lucky!

  10. Ashley, yep, we had to eat at Shultz. AND the rats were only allowed to exit through the downstairs doors. We were not allowed to go back up the stairs when we left. Those were strange times.

  11. The corps doesn’t care where you eat food except for freshmen, battalion, and the rare regimental eats. But all of those are still in the bottom of Shultz. The only thing that changed since last year is the “green monster” that got rid of 1/4 of the seating, and forced us to allow the freshmen to go up the stairs.

  12. Joe,

    It just boggles my mind. I distinctly recall during my senior year having to get permission to eat at Dietrich because otherwise I would have missed dinner entirely. And I recall having to show a class schedule to someone on staff to prove I would be on the far side of campus during dinner hours, taking class.

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