ACW Episode 152 – Birthday Portrait


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I turned 43 last Thursday, and unfortunately I am too overwhelmed with Girl Scout cookie business right now to take time off to properly celebrate. I did spend Friday night on the couch playing video games, but that wasn’t exactly the celebration I had in mind for my birthday. That was more time to veg out and de-stress my cookie-obsessed brain.

Anyway, an explanation of the image above… Screw it, I can’t really explain it, except to say that at Farpoint I told my good friend Dwight I wanted a flying pink pony. Only that wasn’t cool enough, so I decided said pony had to poop marshmallow cream. I kept thinking about that damn pony, because it amused me so, and when I got home I told the girls about it. They thought it was a hysterical idea, and I thought it was hysterical that they thought it was hysterical, and the Hubster just generally thought all the women in the family were completely nuts.  And so on the morning of my birthday last week, I woke up the kids by decreeing that from now on, I would only travel by flying pink pony that pooped marshmallow cream. Oh, and I decreed that every time I walked into a room, the girls had to curtsey and say, “Yes, your Majesty!” And they actually did do that all morning long.  But by the time they’d left for school, the toaster had spit my toast out onto the floor, and so I knew the birthday celebrations were officially over.

Anyway, I wanted to do something about the flying pink pony that pooped marshmallow cream. And I wanted to play with my markers that I’ve recently started collecting. And so this was the result. Happy Birthday, people! You will never be able to erase this image from your minds. Nyah!

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  1. I love it but why do people want flying magical equines with magical poop! Between this and the unicorn that poops rainbows it’s like horse poop is the final frontier!

  2. Patrick, it is what it is. Kids love the flying pink pony that poops marshmallow cream 😉

  3. Kids. Of course. Blame the kids. Cuz it was THEIR birthday. 😀

  4. I secretly theorize you are actually a kid pretending to be an adult and that your kids are actually the grown ups in charge.

  5. Patrick, I am secretly still a kid, but no way are Princess and Pixie in charge. If they were, they’d be the ones staying up late to watch TV while I whined about going to bed early! Rank hath its privileges.

  6. I don’t have to believe you though. 😀

  7. Patrick, yes, you do have to believe me. You have to believe everything I tell you. For starters, you owe me money. About $1000. Pay up or your butt will over-inflate and then explode.

  8. Seriously? That’s what’s been going on? You’ve pretty much solved a mystery that has baffled gastroenterologist the world over.

  9. Why? Has your butt exploded before? No, wait, don’t answer that. I don’t want to know.

  10. Your first instinct was to ask so it appears you do want to know. It’s okay. You don’t need to feel ashamed. I won’t judge you more than you judge me.

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