Rats! Episode 82 – Recruiting



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Back in my day (waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the dawn of time), Spring Rats didn’t always last very long. We’d get a dozen or so in our battalion and within a month we’d be down to one or two. But those that stayed were pretty dedicated.

There was a big push to recruit new cadets back in my day (waaaaaaaaaaay, waaaaaaaay back in the dawn of time), and I’m sure there’s still a big push to recruit these days. To those of you considering joining the VTCC, let me say that while I never would have voluntarily joined (my dad made me do it!), I never regretted the four years I spent as a cadet at Virginia Tech. They were tough years, but I got a lot out of them.

I will be at Farpoint this weekend with copies of the second issue of Mustachequerade! And for those of you who still want to get the first issue, I’ll have a few of those as well. Stop by and see me! I should have a table in the main dealers room, plus I’ll be doing panels on podcasting, writing, new media and webcomics.

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