ACW Episode 150 – Cookies? What Cookies?


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I drew this cartoon on Friday, and wrote the blog post on the same day. Saturday around 9AM, I and two other troop moms were supposed to have picked up over 1900 boxes of cookies and brought them back to my house, where I was then expected to sign out about 1500 of those boxes to the rest of the troop to fulfill their orders. If you did not hear any blood-curdling screams this weekend, it all probably went okay. But I guarantee by this point I have eaten at least two full boxes of thin mints. Cookie season is stressful, folks.

Anyhoo, I’m still experimenting with offline blogging software. Zoundry Raven up and died on me after years of faithful service, and there isn’t a new version as far as I can tell, so this week I’m testing out BlogJet. We’ll see how it goes. I could always try MS Word, but I really prefer software dedicated to blogging, especially software that will let me grab my recent posts so I can see what got posted when. That’s kind of handy when you do a week’s worth of posts at once, and when you post things well in advance.  But if anybody knows of a good blogging software app I can try, something that will let me assemble my posts on my desktop and upload them to the web, drop me a note. I’d appreciate it!

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