Join the Mustachequerade! A new ‘zine by Cynical Woman

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen some cryptic and not-so-cryptic tweets about a project I’ve been working on called Mustachequerade. This is something new I’m doing this year, an 8-page zine of hand-drawn artwork and bizarre little stories all about mustaches! Yes, you heard me right, mustaches. Why, you may wonder, am I doing a zine about mustaches? Because…

Because it just struck me as something funny and weird to cartoon about! How’s that for an answer?

Here is the cover art for issue one of Mustachequerade:

As you can see, these will be done as limited editions. I’ve printed up 100 copies to take with me to sell at Marscon, at the price of $1 per issue. It’s 8 pages of mustachioed madness, folks, and probably one of my most bizarre, creative projects yet! So if you come to Marscon this weekend, be sure to see me at my author table to pick up a copy. Issue one includes “The ‘Stache of Wisdom,” “Famous Mustaches in History,” “Know Your Mustache,” “The Mustache ABCs” and a clip and cut mustache that you can decorate and tape to your upper lip, if you so desire.

So stop by and see me at Marscon. For the bargain price of a dollar, issue one of Mustachequerade could be yours! Supplies are limited, so don’t wait!

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  1. I take issue with the fact that I will be packing my house and therefore cannot go to Marscon. It seems to me as if there is discrimination afoot, milady. Would it be possible for me to order one for delivery at Balticon?

  2. Viv,

    I will be certain to hold back a copy just for you! And hopefully will have completed two more issues by the time Balticon comes around!

  3. Patrick, yes, I’ve got copies of Mustachequerade 1 and 2 left, and after cookie season is over, I’ll start work on Mustachequerade 3!

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