PerCaDraMo Day 30 – Fin


Here it is, the last PerCaDraMo cartoon. I kept it simple, yet I think It’s appropriate. The month is finally over and I’ve got 30 cartoon sketches to show for it. Some were very simple, others quite elaborate, but all 30 are done now.

I also completed my NaNoWriMo goal of writing 50K words this month. I had not planned on doing both PerCaDraMo and NaNoWriMo at the same time. I just sort of got sucked into doing NaNoWriMo as I realized there would never be a good time to start a new novel so I might as well start now. So far I have 62K words of notes, outline, research, and a small handfull of actual scenes with setting and dialog. That counts, as far as I’m concerned, even though I haven’t finished the story yet. Maybe in another month I’ll have a decent, complete outline of that novel worked out.

But back to PerCaDraMo. I figured out a few things this month. Namely…

I love drawing with brush pens.

I’m actually pretty good drawing with brush pens.

I’d rather draw with just brush pens than start with pencils first, even though I might make a horrible mistake.

I’d rather draw with brush pens on paper than draw on my iPad, because as much as I love my iPad, it’s not as responsive at times as plain old pen and paper, and the iPad 1 severly limits how big an image I can draw.

However, I draw more with the iPad because it’s convenient and because I don’t have to bother with scanning anything in once I’m done because it’s already there in digital format.

And finally, there is something called NaNoMangO that occurs every November (I think) where artists draw a page of a graphic novel a day for a month. Yeah, 30 fully inked pages in 30 days. Think I could do that next year?

All this drawing has given me a serious hankering to draw some more, and maybe even to try my hand at a graphic novel of my own. So tomorrow I’ll be at my local craft store picking up a few supplies in preparation for that. I can’t make any big promises, but I hope to have something in the works soon.

I hope you all enjoyed PerCaDraMo!!

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