Freaky Friday! Steampunk Art Experiment

This is a little sample of something that I’m currently playing with. I switched last week from DAZ Studio to Poser Debut for my character renders. DAZ Studio 4, the free version, was so borked when I installed it, I couldn’t even click on the main menu with the mouse and get a response. So I uninstalled, tried re-installing DAZ Studio 3, discovered why I upgraded anyway (because after the last update, DAZ Studio 3 refused to parent props and other items to the character which made posing characters for scenes impossible), and then threw up my hands and said, “Fuck it! I’m going back to Poser!” I dumped Poser a few years ago, of course, because it was so borked I could barely get it to run on my computer. Poser Debut, however…

The beauty, at least right now, of Poser Debut is that it is a stripped down version of the full blown (or should I say ‘bloated’?) program. It lets you do pretty much one thing and one thing only – pose characters and render them. Okay, that’s two things, and apparently Poser Debut will let you do animation as well, but I don’t want to do 3D animation, I just want to pose and render characters for my artwork.

So this is a test run of Poser Debut, featuring a Steampunk art project I’m working on right now. I played around with the render in Photoshop, working to transform it from a basic render to a comic-book style image. It’s far from perfect, but I like the results I’ve got so far. I’ll hopefully finish this project this weekend and you’ll be able to see the end results no later than Sunday evening.

Let me know what you think of this sample so far.

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