ACW 131 – Making a Big Splash!

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I have to mention that because occasionally I get complaints that the cartoon is too small. The image above is actually a thumbnail that leads to the full size image. I did up the thumbnail size this week, so maybe that will help. If it doesn’t, I may have to redo the website template to allow me to post the full size image in the blog post. Just let me know if you’re having problems viewing this.

Anyway, about this week’s cartoon. I did my hair a week and a half ago, and it looked fantastic. Still does, which makes me happy because finding temporary hair dye that lasts in my hair has been a challenge. But anyway, I had just done my hair and the Hubster told me we were going to Busch Gardens the next day. Now Busch isn’t my favorite place to go (I used to work there and it sucked), but I’ll go on a family outing if we decide to go. So we went, and shortly after we arrived, Hubster announced we were all going to ride the Roman Rapids which is this big water ride they have, and all I could think was, “But I just dyed my hair yesterday!!!”

Fortunately, I didn’t get splashed too badly, and Hubster did the manly thing of taking all the waterfalls we passe while letting me get through relatively dry. But there were a few drops of color here and there when I got out. That’s the thing with these temp dyes. It takes them a while to quit bleeding, and by the time they do, a lot of brands have faded. It all depends on the brand and your hair, I’ve found. Brands that last only a few days on my hair work like magic on the girls and won’t wash out for months. However, I seem to have found a brand that works pretty well (it’s Fudge Paintbox, FYI). We’ll see how it looks after another week or so.

So there ya go. Amusement parks and hair color – just another fantabulous day in my life. Yay!

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