Move It Mama Monday! Finally Left the Neighborhood!

Well, it finally happened. Last week one of my best friends, Mary, showed up and whisked me away to Colonial Yorktown for a long bike ride. Yes, I finally got out of the neighborhood with my bike. We did 15 miles on the tour roads and through the historical area, and man! What a difference there is between riding on the open road versus riding through the neighborhood. I have a little problem keeping up with Mary on the hills, but then she was riding a road bike and I’m riding a cross bike, which is heavier and slower. It was most apparent on the way down a hill, because Mary would just fly down the hill while I still lagged behind even though I was pedaling like mad.

So I got my first taste of real freedom on the bike and I can’t wait to do it again. I’ve got an appointment to bring the bike in to the local shop for a tune up next week. After that, I need to get a flat tire kit. Then I should be good to go. I bought a bike rack for the back of the car a few weeks ago, so I can now get to the trails without having to risk my life biking on the local highways.

Beyond that, things are pretty much the same, which is good. I haven’t had any knee problems in weeks (YAY!), and while I’ve put on a few pounds, I have kept up with deep water aerobics and biking. I’m only getting to karate class once a week right now, due to my workload, but I’m still getting in and given my schedule I think that’s pretty good.

And that’s the report for this week! Going back to work now.

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