ACW 130 – Energy Crisis

We had an energy crisis in the household last week. Namely I had no energy to do anything whatsoever. I had to force myself through the entire week. I’m still a little tired this week, but not as bad as I was last week.

However, this week I’m dealing with stress. The whole Girl Scouts thing has started up again, and I’m up to my eyeballs in patches, paperwork, and meetings. I don’t mind the meetings and patches so much, but I hate the frikkin’ paperwork. I’ve got a ton of old mail to get through that I’ve let sit all summer, and to have to deal with a rush of incoming paperwork is just a bit frustrating.

And then last night I nearly killed a woman when I thought she had volunteered me to be the troop leader for a new Daisy troop we’re trying to put together over at the girls’ school. Pixie wants to be a Daisy, and I said I’d help out, but since I’m already cookie mom and assistant troop leader for another troop, there’s no way I could be troop leader for a new troop. But this woman wrote me a note during a meeting last night saying she had found a troop leader for the new Daisy troop, and then she pointed to my name on a list she had on the table, and I almost leaped across the table and killed her in the face. I could only control the Fist of Doom by firing off the Double Middle Fingers of Rage instead.

Fortunately, the whole incident was just a miscommunication.

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