Move It Mama Monday! Owie!!!

Well, this sucks. Last night my left shoulder sort of seized up with a pinched nerve and the damn thing has extended all the way into my neck. I took a double dose of Tylenol last night and slept with a heating pad, but am still having problems with it this morning. If this goes as per usual, I’ll be suffering with this for the rest of the week. Not fun.

These pinched nerves usually happen when I’ve got too much going on and I’m stressed out. I had thought I was finally getting the schedule under control and managing to scale things back, but we’ve been out and about quite a bit the last few weeks and then I felt like crud all last week. Now this week I’m facing an endless series of meetings, most of them related to Girl Scouts. I suppose it’s true what they say, no rest for the wicked.

So what to do? Baby my left shoulder, obviously, and continue taking over-the-counter pain medication. If I can scrounge up the money, I know a very good massage therapist I can call, too. If I can’t scrounge up the money… well, we’ll see.

I’m still going to deep water aerobics today, but will be using light weights and taking things slowly. And I’ll be doing lots and lots of stretching. We’ll see how I feel by the end of the day. Hopefully this works itself out quickly. Otherwise, I’m not going to be doing much moving for a while.

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