Episode 127 – When Disaster Strikes

Wild fires in the Great Dismal Swamp. Earthquake just outside Richmond. Hurricane Irene. It all happened while my parents were visiting.

To be fair, they were in New York with my sister the day the earthquake hit. But they had been with us the week before and came back to us a couple days after. And then stayed all through Irene, even though my folks swore they were headed out to Pennsylvania on Saturday, the day Irene was supposed to hit us.

They ended up staying though. My parents aren’t careless when it comes to driving, and I think my mom and dad really wanted the extra time with the grandkids anyway. And in spite of what I drew above, this did not turn out to be a disaster. The days before, during, and after the hurricane turned out to be the most pleasant of their visit. I just thought it was strange that they came to stay with us and all hell broke loose in the natural world.

For the record, I look a hell of a lot like my mom, except that her hair is much shorter, and not pink. And Princess looks like exactly like me. And these days my mom looks an awful lot like my grandmom, and my sister is sort of a dark, slimmer version of me, or my mom. Or maybe my grandmom. All the women in the family look an awful lot alike. Except for Pixie, who’s a blonde version of my dad, right down to his evil laugh and practical jokes.

Kids are back at school now, and next week Pixie will be going to kindergarten full day. Right now, she’s on a half-day schedule, which really chops up my work hours. But hopefully next week I’ll be back on a regular schedule. You’ll know for sure once I get back to blogging on a regular basis.


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  1. Very glad to hear you came through Irene without damage – or a first degree felony!

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