Episode 126 – Summer Portrait of Princess


She’s under that moptop somewhere…

Yes, I dyed both girls’ hair pink. No, it had not washed out by the night befor school orientation. So yes, I had to dye their hair back to a natural color, and yes, you can still see pink in both shaggy heads. And somehow, Princess managed to lose her glasses and didn’t realize it until the day of the school orientation. We searched everywhere for them but couldn’t find them. Then on Saturday they turned up… In her underwear drawer.

Plus a few days before school started, Princess pulled out 17 worksheets that she had been given at the end of the school year previously to do as summer homework. If my mother hadn’t been there to help supervise Princess while she got her work done, I think I might have killed that kid.

Anyway, school started yesterday and I’m looking forward to getting back on a regular schedule. Once Pixie starts up full days of kindergarten in two weeks, I should get back to the old blogging schedule. That’s the plan anyway!

Enjoy your Tuesday.

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