Episode 122 – Just How Hot Is It?

This actually happened. One of my best friends, Patricia had dinner with us on Friday. She and I went out to pick up the Chinese food we ordered, and the weather was swelteringly hot even at 7PM that day. We were sweating when we came home from our short trip out. The moment we walked in the door though, Hubster yelled at us to come see what was on our back deck. This is what we found…

Yes, that is a squirrel melting on our deck. He apparently had been there a while, and he stayed still even though he had an audience of 5 gawking at him through our back window. I was able to grab my camera and get this shot before he finally decided to amble off and go melt some place else.

According to Mich, this is what squirrels do when it gets too hot outside. She told me she has a similar picture from this weekend and she’s sending it to me today. I’ll post it here when I get it so you can see more of this bizarre melting squirrel behavior.

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