Rats! Episode 63 – It Has Come To Our Attention…

I told you the Rangers were out to get me. I ended up drawing this a week later, after hearing there had been discussions about stuffing me into my sleeping bag, zipping it closed, and tossing the whole she-bang into the duck-pond. You can see how sorry I was to have offended the ROTC Ranger company. Not.

What amazes me is that the Rangers even cared what my little cartoon said. I did not poke fun at them so much as I was poking fun at that particular character, Irwin, and yet they took it rather personally. Why? Is a college newspaper cartoonist really that big a threat to a bunch of big burly guys in uniform who can scale walls using just their fingers and toes and can open canned goods with their bare teeth? I mean, come on! These guys were tough. They ate MREs all the time, for Pete’s sake.

And yet I had apparently stepped on my toes with my little twice-a-week, ran-only-in-the-college-newspaper, measly little comic strip. All of which goes to show the Army ROTC department really needed to issue those guys a sense of humor along with their M-16s.

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