Freaky Friday! Meet Tiny Medusa

“Tiny Medusa” by Helen E. H. Madden, 25 March 2011

Last week I found a new graphics app for my iPad (did I mention how much I LOVE my iPad?!). The app is InkPad, and it’s a vector graphics app. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. None of the bells and whistles that comes with Adobe Illustrator, but even so, it has all the basic tools I need for drawing on the iPad. And best of all? No tiny size limit on the images. I can draw a full sized image, suitable for printing later, with this program.

I also discovered that I can cartoon with it. I can draw all the black lines in, then email the image (or put it in my DropBox account), take it to my desktop and into Illustrator, and then use a brush stroke for the lines to get a hand-inked effect. I’m very, very, very happy about this because it means I can now start doing large sized comics on the iPad. Just start in InkPad, then export the inked image to Illustrator for a little tweeking, and then it’s over to Photoshop or ArtRage for coloring. This solves so many production problems for me that I almost feel like singing.

But since I’m a far better artist than I am a singer, I will not subject you to that torment.

At least not today.

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  1. Love, love, love Tiny Medusa! But I can’t tell if her snake-lets are happy with the whole bow tie arrangement. I’m guessing she struggles with her hair, like all of us. But she wins.

    I think this is a badass girl who wants to also be Little Miss Sunshine sometimes.

    It’s a paradox.

  2. Lisa,

    Tiny Medusa’s hair is a lot like mine. It has a mind (or minds) of its own, and any time I try to do anything creative with it, I get bit! Glad you like Tiny Medusa. I like her too!

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