Rats! Episode 52 – A Guide to the VTCC

I have been remiss in getting back to posting “Rats!” on a regular basis. I apologize for that. It’s just been a case of “if it could go wrong, it has gone wrong” around here. I am slowly starting to recover from everything that’s been going on over the last six months – my father-in-law’s death, a deluge of work, Girl Scout cookie sales – and will hopefully be back on track soon.

Anyway, here is a guide to the various classes in the VTCC. Right now, I feel like the Junior, with tendencies toward being a senior. Seniors were either so busy they never left their rooms, or they were so slack they never bothered to show up for anything. I could fall into either category right about now.

I’m headed out for EPICon today, and I intend to take the slacker approach to the entire weekend. If you’re there, you will probably find me in the bar or lounging around with my iPad being entirely shiftless. I’ll get back to work next week. I promise!

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Cartoonist, Artist, Geek, Evil Crafter, Girl Scout Troop Leader and Writer. Also, a zombie. I haven't slept in I don't know how long.
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