ACW Episode 106 – Revenge of the Cookies

Yes, it’s been that bad. I’ve been having nightmares about the cookies. About being swarmed by them, stampeded by them, eaten by them and drowned by them. And the only way to survive any of those circumstances is to keep eating until my enemy is gone. If only the real life solution were that simple.

However, we had our second and last booth sale this past weekend, and now I’m in the final stages of delivering Princess’ last few boxes of cookies and collecting money from the troop. Then it’s down to the final accounting. We could earn a bonus if I can get everything done on time. I certainly hope I do get it done on time. I don’t want this dragging on any further than necessary. As I mentioned on Sunday, I’m scaling back on work, and as soon as Cookie Season is over, I expect I will have a nice chunk of free time on my hands which will then be invested in MY OWN PERSONAL PROJECTS! And won’t that be nice for a change, hmmm?

Anyway, that’s ACW for the week. I hope you liked it, or understood it. Hubster said it “sort of made sense,” which is better than anything else I’ve got going on so far.

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