ACW Episode 105 – I got what you need

This is the webcomic that was supposed to run last week. I drew it on my iPad at Farpoint while I was sitting at my author table, using the ArtRage app. The inking was done with the pen tool, obviously, while I used the water color brush and the chalk tool for the colors. This is probably how I will continue to do the webcomic while I’m at a convention. It just made life a lot easier to do a single panel cartoon on an easy-to-carry device. I mean really, my bags were so much lighter with just the iPad in it to handle most of my digital needs for the weekend.

So anyway, this is what I did at Farpoint at my author table. I sold my smutty books on one side and boxes of cookies on the other. I did pretty well, both book-wise and cookie-wise, on Saturday. On Sunday, I was wiped out both physically and emotionally and so I didn’t set up my table that day. But even so, this was probably one of the better conventions for me as far as sales go. And surprise, suprise! I was actually asked to be a panelist on a webcomics panel that Sunday. I thought that was funny, because I really only consider myself a hobbyist when it comes to webcomics. I love doing webcomics, but so much of my work focuses on writing and podcasting that I sometimes forget I’m a webcomicker as well. I remember looking at Bryan Prindiville on Friday and saying, “How the heck did I end up on a webcomic panel?” and he said, “Well, duh! You have a webcomic?”

I want to thank everyone at Farpoint for all their help and support that weekend. Both the con staff and several friends of mine went out of their way to take care of me, both before and after hearing about my father-in-law’s passing. It’s nice to know I have friends, especially friends who will sit with me in the bar while I down a few girlie drinks to kill some stress. Thank you all. I really appreciate your kindness.

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  1. Webcomic up! Cynical Woman says, “I got what you need!”

  2. @Cynical_Woman Ha! Erotica and girl scout cookies. An irresistible booth indeed!

  3. Holy cow. That’s funny!

  4. ArkansasCyndi,

    Glad you liked it! This was exactly what I was doing at Farpoint, and I think selling the cookies may have helped me sell a few books as well 😉

  5. PrinceJvstin,

    Ah yes, who can resist the power of smut and Samoas? I think I sold nearly 50 boxes that weekend. It worked out pretty well.

  6. I can see it now.

    “Yeah, I’ll take three thin mints, a samoa, a copy of that, and two trefoils.”

    Buy enough cookies and no one will notices the erotica buried in the bag.

  7. Uncle Monster,

    Conversely, if you are dieting, you just need to buy enough erotica so that no one notices the cookies in the bag!

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