Sunday Contentments – My Miracles

How did we get from this…

To this…?

After a week of mourning my father-in-law’s passing, we celebrated Princess’ 8th birthday. It was a relief to have something uplifting to enjoy after such a long week. I’m always amazed by both my girls. The Hubster and I spent four years battling infertility before I finally became pregnant with the Princess. She was my miracle baby, the child I feared I would never get to have. Three and a half years later, Pixie became my second miracle baby, just as impossible to believe she would happen as her sister was.

In the last eight years, I’ve watched Princess grow from a tiny red-faced screaming bundle of joy into a whip-thin, smart alecky bookworm who can hold her own against the boys in the sparring ring and yet still dress up like Cinderella when the mood strikes. She looks just like me, everyone says, and she even made us get matching eyeglasses last year to enhance that fact. She shares my love of all things spooky, especially zombies, and is so obsessed with cats right now she wants to be one (wait till I teach her about Selena Kyle!).

I’m proud of my girls, both of them, but to this day, I still look at them and wonder, “They came out of me?”

It’s a miracle, I tell ya.

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  2. @Cynical_Woman she does look just like you. What about Pixie. Is she the same?

  3. @freyasbower Hard to say with Pixie. She’s blonde, looks a bit like me, but she also looks like my dad a lot.

  4. @Cynical_Woman looks change, too. Some days, mine looks exactly like me; others, she looks more like Charlie.

  5. @freyasbower I think she’s always looked like a tiny blonde version of my dad. They both have the same evil sense of humor.

  6. @Cynical_Woman You’re in trouble. (g)

  7. I remember the pre-miracle babies HM! You’ve got great kids and family, it seems. Sorry to hear about M’s dad – my condolences to all of you.

  8. Mark,

    Thank you. I passed your condolences on to Michael. He’s doing well, all things considered, and we’re keeping an eye out for his mom now to make sure she’s okay.

    You should see the new kitties. Last April we adopted a tiger-striped tabby we named Hiccup and a dark grey tabby we named Toothless. They were tiny little fuzz balls for about 2 months. Then they suddenly went to being these gargantuan attack beasts! Well, Hiccup became gargantuan. Toothless is pretty sleek. I’ll have to take pics and post them on the site so you can see them 😉

  9. Would love to see them! Maybe someday I’ll get to visit ya in VA – don’t get to Hampton Roads much these days. Really think it is cool you are doing well with the art and writing, it is an inspiration to see. I esp enjoy the con stories and the ACW comics…I hope Michael lets you borrow the halo on occasion.

    take care, M

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