Rats! Episode 50 – Hair, Hair! The Gang’s All Done!

Here it is, the last cartoon from the first year of “Rats!” I did some figuring and I guess 50 cartoons was about all I produced a year. Still, it seems like there should have been more.

While it may be summer in Irwin’s world, it’s absolutely freezing where I’m at, and I’m betting it’s even colder up in Blacksburg. The winter of my rat year is the reason why I finally started to grow my hair long. I had kept it very short up unti that point, Annie Lennox short for those of you old enough to understand the reference. But that first winter was bitterly cold. I swear, I thought my ears were going to fall off it was so bad. Not even ear muffs helped keep my head warm.

So I grew out my hair. By the time I graduated from college, it was all the way down to my back. I didn’t cut it short again until a few months after my second child was born. I had to cut it then because post-partum hormones had turned it all into a freakish tumbleweed perched atop my head. But now I’m growing it long again. I think in another two years, it’ll be back down to the middle of my back.

But enough about my hair. How’s yours? Any freshmen cadets out there wishing they had more hair on their heads? Anyone lose an ear to frostbite yet? I’m ghoulishly curious, I know, but I enjoy hearing about the difficulties new cadets go through every year.

Because it reminds me I don’t have to deal with any of that stuff anymore!

Have a good week 😉

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