WIP Wednesday – The Cookie Thief, final

“The Cookie Thief” by Helen E. H. Madden

Well, here it is, the final version of “The Cookie Thief.” It’s not really finished, but I’ve done as much as I want with this image for now. So I’m letting it rest and moving onto another WIP next week.

What I learned from this WIP. I like the Brushes app for the iPad a LOT. It’s very easy to use and responds very well. I still love ArtRage, but Brushes is far less buggy and hasn’t yet crashed on me like ArtRage has on a few occasions. I think Brushes is great for anything painterly style, including certain cartoons, but I’d still go with ArtRage for ink style line art for now.

I also learned the importance of keeping stuff on separate layers. I screwed myself by painting the thief and the cookie jar on the same layer initially and I had to go back and fix that to make it easier to shade. I also think I would have been better off working back to front, getting that second jar done first before working on the cookie jar and then the thief. Of course, this would have implied I’d had a plan when I started this piece…

So this is it for this piece for now. I may try to set things up so that I can export the Brushes actions for this painting to my desktop and create an AVI of that so you can see the work in progress. That might be a bit long to watch though. I spent forever on this dang thing. We’ll see if I do that or not.

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