Freaky Friday – Astronaut Bob, what happened to you?!

“Astronaut Bob, What Happened to You?!” by Helen E. H. Madden

Yet another iPad, ArtRage masterpiece. I love the dayglow colors in this one, and the way the brush strokes from the watercolor tool gave the space suit a wrinkled appearance. I had some trouble with this one initially because I drew it in white ink on a dark background, and then had to figure out how to color it between the two extremes of light and dark. My first attempt at coloring this failed massively.

These little sketches are so much fun, and very easy to do on the iPad. It’s sort of like throw-away art, art that I don’t really feel the need to fuss over because it’s a) drawn on the iPad, not an expensive sketchbook, and b) nothing more than a quick doodle, really. I think that allows me to be more experimental and free with what I draw. It’s no big deal, I can draw any stupid little thing I want, and so I do and the results turn out pretty well anyway. It’s nice to know I can do that and get away with it!

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  1. My favorite thing about this one is that the antenna is clearly working, even if Bob isn’t. I’m pretty sure an alien microbe got into his suit. One that’s deadly to people but friendly to technology. Boy have I ever felt that way before. Hah!

  2. Lisa,

    The signals coming out of the antenna were the very last thing added to the picture, and done entirely on a whim. I don’t know why I did it, but it definitely added something to the piece. Looking at it now, I can tell I was thinking of Phil Rossi’s podcast novel “Crescent” when I worked on this. Hmmm… maybe I should send him a copy of this!

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