Freaky Friday and the Mermaid’s Curse!

I’ve decided to do something new this year for Fridays. I’ve tried different themes over the past two years for Friday’s blog posts and they’ve always petered out. Hopefully this one lasts longer. It’s a peak at whatever freaky sketch or doodle I’ve come up with during a particular week. Unlike WIP Wednesday, where you’ll see a work in progress, this is really more a look at my sketch book, both digital (i.e. my iPad) and traditional, and the odds and ends I doodle in it.

So for the first Freaky Friday post of the year. Here’s something I drew in my sketch book while on a school field trip with Princess. The subject matter has nothing to do with the field trip, of course…

I’ve drawn this character before, though not quite in this state. Her name is Claire de Looney, and she’s a Gothic style heroine always getting into dire straights. Apparently this time she’s been cursed, probably by Dagoth or some such abyssal entity.

Speaking of mermaids, I was cleaning out some old papers and found this little doodle.

I remember sitting down to draw with the kids one afternoon a couple years ago, and this was the result. The way the paper is crinkled and warped, it’s obvious I got it wet at some point. Still, it’s a nice little doodle to save for work later.

Anyhoo, those are my freaky offerings for today. The nature of this website is changing, just so you know, heading more into the visual arts direction. I’m still writing, but focussing more on artwork and cartooning these days. It just seems like the thing to do.

And it’s what poor Claire would want… 😉

So, what do you think?

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