WIP – Medusa and Bats

Slowly, pixel by bloody pixel, this thing is getting done. I’m squeezing in 15-30 min sessions of work on this between other projects, which is partly why it’s taking so long. The other reason this is taking forever is that I’ve never done something in this particular digital painting style before. But I like what I’ve done so far, and I think I’m learning something. I think once I get a few things cleared off my plate, I may reserve one day a week just for personal art so I can finally knock this sucker out.

What’s changed since the last version? More blending on Medusa’s dress, plus I’m playing with the color a bit, adding highlights and shadows in complementary colors. The cool colors are getting a bit of warmth and the warm colors are getting a bit of cool. I think it makes things pop a bit more. I added faint yellow highlights to Medusa’s hair and purple shadows ot the dress. I still think Bats’ hat is the best part of the painting so far though, with the very bold contrast between the purple and red. Makes me think I need to ramp up my contrasts in other places as well.

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