Rats! Episode 42 – What will he do?!

Oh, the drama! There was nothing like a torrid romance to liven things up in the cadet dorms. We had many established couples in the VTCC. Some you knew were going to end up married right after graduation, and some you wondered if they’d survive the week or kill each other. It was more exciting that watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation” every Saturday evening in the Rasche Hall lounge. You guys remember watching STTNG? You ever heard of it? No? Oh, well watching Star Trek with a bunch of other geeks every Saturday evening was about as exciting as my romantic life ever got while I was in the VTCC.

Actually, that’s not true. I had a couple of abysmal boyfriends which was kind of exciting but they are best forgotten. Then I met the Hubster. We were so head-over-heels in love, it was sickening. However, he wasn’t a cadet, so we didn’t provide much fodder for the gossip mill in Rasche Hall. He was just another Star-Trek-watching geek I hung out with, except I liked to kiss him an awful lot. We haven’t changed much over the years, except that now we kiss while watching “The Daily Show.”

A few people got annoyed with me by this point in the comic series. They were sick of reading about “that damn party” that I had sent Irwin off to. “When are you going to get back to the funny comics?” they’d whine. “If you don’t like it, draw your own comics!” I’d whine back. Seriously, no one liked the story arc, which I thought was ashame. Rats was supposed to be about more than the usual hijinks in the VTCC. It was supposed to be about the characters, their little triumphs and crushing defeats, their hopes and dreams and greatest fears, they’re–

What? Oh, you want to know when I’m going to get back to the funny stuff.

Go draw your own damn comic! Meh…

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