Quick Sketch – Autumn Leaf

Princess has an assignment this week to find and draw an an autumn leaf. We picked up a bunch of leaves from our backyard last night. She’s not quite done with her drawing, but I decided to do one last night before bedtime. Here’s the results. This is just a quick sketch made with Faber Castell brush pens. Again, no pencil drawing. I’ve learned that when I just skip the pencil sketch and go straight to pen, I get a much better result. Things are looser, more fluid, and more organic looking. Penciling first makes my artwork look too awkward and constrained.

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  1. Last night, 10 minutes of sketching resulted in this – http://www.cynicalwoman.com/2010/11/17/q

  2. @Cynical_Woman Very nice leaf…love the colors!

  3. @oddlynn3 Thank you. The colors are the result of a very limited set of markers, which works really. Forces interesting choices when drawing

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