WIP – Medusa and Bats for 11 November

Every day, this image gets a little further along. What’s nice is while working on this, I’m finally starting to understand some of the digital painting techniques I’ve been reading about over the last two years. I can see how to lay down the color and how to blend it now.

This happens to me a lot. I’ll spend a couple years reading everything I can about a particular graphics program and how to use it, then suddenly after all this reading and a lot of failed experimentation, I’ll suddenly understand how it all comes together, and voila! I’ll be able to make the program do what I want it to do. I wish I picked up things faster than that, but experience has shown me that’s not how my brain works.

Anyway, I’ve gotten a little farther with the blending. You can see more of Medusa’s hair and her face starting to take shape. I work on this from 6-6:30AM most mornings, after spending an hour on paying graphics work. That’s been my incentive to get up early lately, and this schedule has allowed me to make some progress. I think I’ll keep working on it and post another image around Sunday. Enjoy!

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