Rats! Episode 42 – How to look cool on a date

Confession time. I sucked at dating in college. As in, I could never seem to get a date. I had one jerk boyfriend my freshman year who dumped me after he graduated. After that, I didn’t date again until my senior year. The person I dated then ended up being the person I married, and am still married to several years later. In fact, if you include our time dating, we’ve been together 20 years. Not bad for someone who sucked at dating in college, huh?

I think the reason why I did so poorly on the dating scene was that I was not cool. I’m still not cool, in case you’re wondering, but I don’t give a damn anymore. That’s the nice thing about being in your forties, married and having kids. You don’t have to worry about crap like that any more.

Having said all that, I was never too short to see over the steering wheel of my car. My roommate on the other hand… man, was she ever short!

Enjoy your week!

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