ACW Episode 87 – Watch out! I knit!

I recently bought a pair of size 19 knitting needles and HOLY COW are those things big. They’re about as long as my forearms and nearly as big around. I was joking with Mich the other night about how I could use them for kobudo (Okinawan weapons, which I do as part of my karate training). Then I decided to see if I actually could use them in a kata. Guess what? Those size 19 needles work just fine for sai and tanbo kate! I can’t wait to take them to karate class and show my sensei what I can do with them ;D

In other news, I’ve posted the “Fear Me” t-shirts for sale on I have both women’s fit and uni-sex shirts available. All profits from the sales of these t-shirts go to, the charity supported by the Colbert Report and the March To Keep Fear Alive. I will be at the march with my t-shirt, devil horns, and demon-winged backpack, so if you’re there too, keep an eye out for me. Until then, buy a “Fear Me” t-shirt for yourself or for that strong, smart, scary woman in your life, or donate directly to The money goes to help classrooms in need.

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  1. Cartoon is up! Look what I can do with knitting needles –

  2. @Cynical_Woman I would love to see the afghan you would make with those katas πŸ˜‰ Good morning!

  3. @PauletteJaxton I think I would be fighting Afghans with those katas!

  4. @PauletteJaxton Seriously, I think I may bring the needles to weapons class today πŸ˜‰

  5. Yeah, well I was the one talking about sharpening those kobudo for knitting purposes ^_~

  6. Mich,

    Sharpened needles would be no good for actual knitting though. They’d tear up the yarn!

  7. @Cynical_Woman This is brilliant!! Osu!

  8. @kicknknit Glad you got a “kick” out of it πŸ˜‰ HiiiiiiiiiiYAH!

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