ACW Episode 84 – Working hours

I am a lunatic. I hate early mornings, and yet I keep my alarm set for 5AM so I can haul my ass out of bed to work. I have been doing this every since I first had kids. It’s the only way to get in enough work hours every day, to be honest. Yet even the promise of writing the hottest porn scene will sometimes be overcome by the sleepies.

I work in the mornings from 5AM to 6:30AM, then I’ll put in another 2-3 hours later on in the day. From 2:30PM until 8:30PM, I am a full-on mom, supervising homework, cleaning house, shuttling kids to karate classes or swim lessons. If I’ve still got any energy left after the kids go to bed, I might put in another hour or so. It depends on what’s left on the to-do list and how tired I am by that point.

It’s far easier to stick to this schedule during the school year, I’ve noticed, than it is to keep any kind of schedule at all during the summer. I’m not sure why having the kids home throws such a monkey wrench into my plans, but it do so enough this past summer that I’m planning on cutting my work load in half next summer. I simply can’t do it all, and honestly, I’m not sure I want to. After all, I am a mom as well as an erotica writer. I should spend plenty of time on both activities.

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