Move It Mama Monday! Where do you workout?

I’m absolutely loving the fall weather we’re having in our area this week. Love it, love it, love it! Temperatures are just right – not too cool, not too hot. I can walk about in jeans and a t-shirt and not sweat to death, but still enjoy the sun on my face.

As a result of this fine, fine late summer/early autumn weather, I have taken to working out outside a couple times a week. I should do this on a regular basis anyway. The fresh air always does me good. But sometimes I can’t always summon up the motivation to go outside and play like I should. Instead, I’ll stick to my living room where I work out with the Wii or exercise DVDs, or I’ll head to the local Y to do water aerobics and swim.

But my favorite thing right now is to practice karate in the backyard. I’ve set aside two days a week to practice for 30-45 minutes. I’d love to practice more often, but with my hectic, jumbled up schedule, this is as good as it gets. I’ve decided to stick to the backyard rather than run to ye olde tennis court in my neighborhood as it’s quicker for me to get there and I can spend more time on the karate. I like running, but right now I need the karate practice more so it gets higher priority. Plus I enjoy the funny looks I get from my neighbors when they wander outside in the mornings and see me swinging around a set of nunchaku. Hiiiiiiii-YAH!

Unfortunately, this good weather will not last. Usually by the time November comes around, it gets too damn cold for me to stay outside for long. At that point, I usually have to decide where I’m going to do my karate practice. Sometimes I’ll take to the Y and use their basketball court. Not many people use it in the mornings so there’s always plenty of space. Or I might just suck it up then bundle up and look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man while I practice kata in the freezing cold outside anyway.

I know where I’d rather do the karate – outside in my own yard, as it’s easier to get all my weapons there (I simply cannot store them in the Y locker while I’m showering and getting changed after a workout; the lockers are too small). So I’m trying to decide how to defeat the cold this year and hang out in my back yard for as long as possible. I’m going to start looking into running tights and long sleeved tops made of wicking material that I can wear under my gi. Hopefully, that will let me stay warm without making me too rotund to move about. We’ll see.

Anyway, where do you like to work out? Any particular place you prefer to exercise? And why? I’m always curious to hear what others have to say about their own fitness routines.

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  1. I’ve started doing a boot camp in the AM…not as hard as VT ROTC I’m sure but more than enough for me. That three times a week, Tennis 3-5 times a week and racketball 2 times. Maybe a couple of neighborhood walks thrown in.

    Can you put a Dojo-greenhouse in your backyard?!!? I can’t remember how much space you had (or if you are even still in the same place).


  2. Good god, Mark! Is that YOU?! I thought you had died 😉

    No room for a dojo greenhouse in the backyard, but I do have just enough room to practice anyway. We’ve got a playground/slide and swing set up back there now, though it’s seen better days. And yes, we’re still in the same house. We like it here 😉

    Good to hear from you! Seriously, I’d just been thinking about you lately!

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