Rats! Episode 31 – What a dip!

Someone please tell me that the disgusting habit of dip is no longer practiced by 99% of the male cadets in the VTCC. I swear, there was nothing more disgusting than watching a guy spend all day spitting icky brown gunk into a paper cup. How did these guys ever convince any girl to kiss them when that had that crap swilling around in their mouths? Blech!

But beyond that, this is a bit more of the story line I started last week. I loved drawing Kitty Siam. She was the quintessential female upper classman, attractive but very restrained with her hair pulled back into a tight bun and her grey skirt. You can tell by her rank (cadet corporal) she’s a sophomore, and by Claw’s rank (cadet 1st sergeant), he’s a junior. And judging by everyone’s shirts, it’s got to be winter. Grey shirts were only worn in winter, with ties mandatory for formations. I think I tied my tie once and then just loosened and retightened it every time I had to put it on after that.

I hope all you new cadets are surviving your first week with the corps. Fun, ain’t it? Getting up at the butt-crack of dawn, running in formation until you puke, dropping to the ground and doing push-ups until you think your arms are going to fall off. And the marching drills! I did so many marching drills during my new cadet week, I could barely stand up when I got out of bed every morning. Yep, those were the days! Be sure to memorize your new cadet knowledge, and remember there are only four correct answers to a question – “Yes, sir/ma’am!” “No, sir/ma’am!” “I don’t know, sir/ma’am!” and “Request permission to speak, sir/ma’am!” At least those were the only answers we were allowed to give when I was a rat.

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