Move It Mama Monday! Karate test results, etc.

Well, we’re done. On Saturday Hubster and I tested for san-dan (3rd degree black belt). The test lasted about 2 hours and focused mainly on technique and advanced timing in kata and kumite drills. It wasn’t one of those brutal, get the stuffing beat out of you tests, the kind you limp away from. However, it was exhausting and I’m glad we’re through with it. Hubster and I won’t test again for another two years, when we’ll be up for yon-dan, or 4th degree black belt.

It’s slightly freaky to realize Hubster and I are actually san-dans now. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like that long ago we were just starting karate. Most of the time I just go to class and practice just like everyone else, but then every now and then I pop my head up and I realize how long we’ve been training. It’s kind of scary, but I guess it also goes to show how far a person can go if they just keep working at something.

In other news, we’ve been playing a lot of “Just Dance” at home. The kids love to play, and Princess just crushes all competition when “Who Let the Dogs Out” comes up. Meanwhile, I hold the highest score on the Spice Girls’ “Wanna Be,” around 18800 points. I told Hubster the reason I do so good on that song is because I’m the fifth Spice Girl, Habanero Spice. Strangely, I don’t do as well on the B-52s’ “Funplex,” but I don’t care so long as I can get up and dance when the song comes up.

There’s only a couple weeks left until Princess starts school and Pixie heads back to regular preschool. As always, a change in their schedule means a change in mine. I always have fun with this. I enjoy looking at what I might be able to do with my time. With regards to exercise, I’d like to get back to water aerobics more regularly, as well as do more running. I think I’ll save the Wii workouts for evenings, weekends, and bad weather. My karate schedule is the one thing that won’t change.

One last bit of news, I’m getting a second pair of Vibram shoes. I swear, I get stopped at least once a day by people wanting to know what the heck I’m wearing on my feet. Now they can ask twice as often. I managed to snag a pair of the Bikilas from, which was pretty lucky. Everyone seems to have problems keeping them in stock. No surprise there. My KSOs have to be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

And that’s the news on the fitness front this week. Until next Monday, keep moving!

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  1. Just dropping in to see what you’re up to. Don’t get to chat with you nearly enough nowadays. The fireflies and butterflies are very cool.

  2. Kathleen,

    Yes, we haven’t talked in a while! I should sit down and send you a big long email about what’s going on these days. Been super busy around here. You’d have loved to have seen Princess with the butterflies this summer. She got quite good at finding caterpillars and eggs, and every time a butterfly hatched, she was able to coax it onto her finger. My girl’s a naturalist for sure!

    I will email you soon about all the crazy stuff going on 😉

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