ACW Episode 75 – Shake it!

I still got it, though I end up paying for it the next morning if I use it these days.

The B-52s came to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg this weekend, and we all went; me, the Hubster, Princess, and Pixie. Plus Mich and her folks went as well. Busch has an outdoor venue, and it was hotter than blazes when the concert started at 6PM, but that didn’t stop yours truly from dancing like a maniac. As I told my girls, you tell the B-52s you love them by dancing! And I had a lotta love to show Sunday evening.

The concert was fantastic. They played both old and new stuff, and had fun with a lot of their popular songs, including Luv Shack, Planet Claire, and Rock Lobster. Plus they did a few songs from the new album, Funplex, which I am now waiting to get from Amazon. The title track, Funplex, is actually one of the songs on Just Dance, so the girls know that one. In fact, Pixie likes to dance around the house singing, ” Wooohooo, pa-pa-pa at the Funplex!” One of these days, she might actually learn the lyrics!

Anyway, as to my “cosmic thang.” When Fred Schneider III tells you to get up and shake it, you shake it. And I shook mine like a bowl full of jelly! And thus the next morning I could barely walk. I actually got up before the kids did by about an hour, but whereas they could run around and play, yours truly just dragged all day long. I don’t care. I had a great time, and I got a really cool concert t-shirt too:

How’s that for neato-keen?

I still got it, baby. And I’m gonna shake it till I die.

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  1. We saw them in DC on the True Colors tour last summer. Love ’em!

  2. Alessia,

    The B-52s were fantastic at this concert, in spite of the heat. Not a lot of people were dancing though, which was disappointing, so I danced extra hard to make up for that. A week later, I’m still limping!

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