Move It Mama Monday! Plans for summer workouts

In two weeks, school lets out and the kids are home with me all day! Yay! And AUGH! What am I going to do with two children at home all day? How am I going to keep them occupied and keep me from going crazy?

Well, I’ve actually put quite a lot of thought into that first question (what to do with them), and as for the second (how do I keep from going crazy), all I can say is, “Too late!”

But seriously, I have been making plans for the summer, especially in regards to my workout routine. I have options, thankfully. And I have a very clearly defined goal – my third degree black belt test. Now I just need to put together the plan.

So today’s post is me thinking out loud, if you will. First up, I’ve made arrangements for Princess and Pixie to stay with our preschool provider down the street two days a week. Pixie’s preschool teacher is a lovely lady with a big garden and I know she’ll get the girls outside to play. Also, two days a week for both girls won’t break the bank. So on Tuesday and Thursday, the days I need to be at the dojo, I won’t have to worry about dragging the kids with me to sit through 2 hours of class at a time.

As for the rest of my workout plan, I’m planning to get my other big workouts done in the morning before the girls get up. I prefer early morning workouts, so I’ve told Hubster I intend to be up by 5:30 AM so I can head out the door to exercise. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, this workout will be a 20-30 minute run plus a 20-25 minute karate practice. We have a tennis court in the neighborhood and I like to run there, practice, and then run home. As for Tuesday and Thursday mornings…

Well, here’s where things get hard. I want to keep up with my water aerobics classes, but I also need to clear the mornings so I can stay home with the girls. I could take them to the Y with me and drop them off at the child watch facilities there, but Pixie hates that, and honestly, that takes such a huge chunk out of the day. I’d really rather get my workouts done early in the morning and have the rest of the day to stay home with the girls or go on a day trip with them. Since Tuesday and Thursday will already be eaten up by karate classes, and since those are the days my favorite water aerobics instructor teachers early morning classes, I’m thinking of toughing it out and going to the Y at 6 AM on those days. Yep, that’s right. I’ll be putting in three solid hours of hard core exercise on those two days. Fortunately, those are the days I won’t have to deal with the kids at home, so I think this will work, especially since I’m also planning on scheduling some serious nap time for those two afternoons.

I do plan to add in a second, lighter workout on MWF, probably sticking with Walk It Out, Wii Fit Plus, maybe some Gold’s Gym Cardio Boxing or EA Sports Active. Whatever I do in the afternoons, it will be short and it will happen after the girls and I are done playing outside, working on the garden, and going out on day trips. Weekends I’m planning to keep workouts very light, maybe only a session of Walk It Out on Sundays and nothing at all on Saturday.

So, I’ve got my workouts cut out for me. Hopefully this plan works out, because I need the exercise and I really do need to push myself in terms of karate practice and classes.

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