ACW Episode 70 – Oh Balticon!

Sorry today’s cartoon is late. As you can see from the image above, there was a reason.

Balticon is the biggest convention I go to every year. I love it. I love seeing everybody I know from writing and podcasting and webcomics. I love attending the panels and learning new things. I love doing and attending readings. And yes, I love the parties.

The best party at Balticon is the one hosted by Chooch and Viv of the “Into the Blender” podcast. This year’s theme was Sci Fi Prom. I just happened to come across an old costume of mine in the closet while I was packing last Thursday and I decided to bring it to the prom. The outfit had been in storage for 9 years or so, and I’d only worn it once because I got pregnant soon after that, so it seemed like it was time to wear it again. I was rather surprised at people’s reactions to my outfit (all of which were overwhelmingly positive), especially since a) it’s an old costume that’s been in storage all these years and b) there were some really killer costumes at the prom. But I guess I must still have my costuming mojo because yours truly was crowned queen of the Sci Fi Prom. I promised Viv I’d crown next year’s queen, just as soon as someone pried my tiara from my cold dead fingers.

All in all, I had a great time. Here are a few quick photos from the con. Like me, there are a bit skewed and out of focus. Hopefully I will recover from such conditions even if the photos won’t.

My best friend, Mary, lacing me into my flame-print corset. She had way too much fun doing this.

My reading on Saturday night. I bought the corset at Farpoint earlier this year. It’s a good thing I decided to wear a shirt under it. I didn’t realize how low the corset would settle once I was strapped in, and even with the shirt I worried about being “over-exposed.”

Kim, the Comic Book Godess. She’s got a fantastic voice and writes and performs wonderful songs. She’s also the founder of the Secret Society for Delayed World Conquest.

My partner in crime, Nobilis Reed, at his book launch for Scouts on Saturday night. He hosted a fake orgasm contest and a massage contest. And yes, that was as intersting as it sounds. Find out more about Scouts and Nobilis at

Me and DDog at the Sci Fi Prom. DDog was probably one of the neatest, most fashionable people there, and by fashionable I mean he does his own thing and does it very well. He’s dressed in this picture as the latest incarnation of the Doctor. I was dressed as the Empress Xena. And yes, I do get satellite TV on that headdress I’m wearing. To get OnStar, I just push the big red jewel at the top.

The woman I would have voted for, for Sci Fi Prom Queen, the lovely J.R. Blackwell, who is probably one of the most creative and talented people I know. Photography, costuming, writing… She does it all.

Mr. Snacky Cake, aka John Cmar, and Jared Axelrod, J.R.’s equally talented husband. Jared has a graphic novel coming out called “Fables of the Flying City” that I am very much looking forward to seeing. Meanwhile, Dr. John Cmar performs the best medical procedures, including the boob flattening he did on me the moment I arrived at Balticon. It was a very professional job, I tell you.

My prom king, Dave Slusher of the Evil Genius Chronicles. I couldn’t have been paired with a better guy.

Vivid Muse, the hostess with the mostest at the Sci Fi Prom…

And here’s Viv’s stud-boy, Chooch. He plays a mean bass!

A dear friend of mine, Elf, whom I’ve known since college, and who’s shown up at every event I’ve done in Maryland in the last three years. Love you, Elf!

And last but far from least, podcaster and prolific author Nathan Lowell who’s book “Quarter Share” is now out and is a must read. In this pic, Nathan is demonstrating his “Second Life He-Man” pose. Oy! Muy macho, Nate!

I wish I’d had the chance to take more pictures, because this is just a small sampling of what went on this weekend. However the con goes by so fast! Maybe next year I’ll be a little quicker with the camera.

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  1. And just where is the picture of your gorgeous and talented roommate? Huh? Well? 🙂

  2. You just had way too much fun, Helen. (sigh) I’m so jealous. (g)

  3. Paulette,

    Well, those pictures just weren’t safe for public consumption. I’m sleeping with them under my pillow instead 😉

    Honestly, I somehow did not get pics of you, Mur, Paul, and a lot of other folks. The con went by too quick. I’m going to have to plan for photos better next year!

  4. Oh, dear lord, what was I doing when you took THAT picture… I wasn’t AT Nobilis’s launch party…

  5. Marci,

    You are always, ALWAYS welcome to come hang with me at a con. You’d have a good time, I guarantee it!

  6. ComicBookGoddess,

    I think you were at Phil Rossi’s concert and were posing for lots of folks. You were very impressive in your lovely outfit 😉

  7. Nobilis,

    I will not, WILL NOT get into what kind of plug I gave you. Way too many ways for me to take that straight line and bend all to hell.

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