Weekly Doodle – Take a look at Five Minute Marvels!

We’ve started something new in la casa de Madden. The girls and I are drawing in the evenings for just five minutes! Yeah, I know, not a huge thing maybe. Or is it?

I got the idea from 5 Minute Marvels, where people are drawing comic book characters with their kids for five minutes a day. And I love the idea. Rather than draw comic book characters, we’re drawing anything the girls choose. I’m using it as an opportunity to cartoon and have a little fun with the girls. Princess is learning to draw. And Pixie is doing whatever Pixie does best, which is be her own hysterical self.

Here’s a sample of what we’ve done so far. The girls and I were completely enchanted with the movie “How to Train Your Dragon,” so we all decided to draw dragons one evening.

Here’s Pixie’s drawing (her dragon is wearing a dress):

Here’s Princess’ dragon, being taken out for a walk by Princess:

And here is my dragon:

I had not meant for my dragon to look like a cow, but once Princess declared it to be a ‘cow-dragon,’ I just went with it. I even drew in a little ‘cow-dragon’ pie 😉

Be sure to check out the 5 Minute Marvels website. There’s some really cool stuff there. And if you’re so inclined, why not try drawing for 5 minutes with your kids? You don’t have to be good at drawing. Trust me, your kids won’t care if you’re not Leonardo Da Vinci. But they’ll love you for drawing with them!

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  1. Helen:

    These are terrific. And, I would love to post them at 5MM. My daughters and I choose superheroes, but the “rules” of the Web site are very clear … anything goes! Dragons, cars, cartoon characters, etc. We just want parents and kids drawing together. You are welcome any time!

    Tim (on behalf of CEOs Grace and Cate)

  2. Tim,

    Thank you! The girls and I have enjoyed doing our little bit of daily drawing, and I think it’s helped my oldest to worry less about getting things perfect every time she puts her pencil to paper. You are certainly welcome to post the drawing to 5MM. I’ll see if I can’t email them to you later this week. Thank you again and you can be sure we’ll keep drawing 5 minutes each day 😉

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